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Classic Pilates Designs is the exclusive Manufacturer of Arcus by McEntire

Freedom of Movement

Arcus creates a space that allows exercises and movements to be performed with greater ease. This freedom of movement provides more functional and efficient movement patterns in the joints, muscles and body as a whole.

Mimics Your Contours

Arcus mimics the contours of your body. Arcus is a natural fit for Pilates, post-rehab to high performance athletic training, as well as other MindBody fitness programs.

Enhance Your Current Repertoire

Arcus can easily be attached to Classical & Contemporary Pilates equipment, thus adding hundreds of new exercise possibilities while enhancing your current repertoire. Students and clients say: “Don’t make me use a straight bar again” and “Arcus helps me feel the right connections in my body."

Suitable and adaptable for all populations, Arcus is ideal for group exercise, semi-private and private sessions, post-rehab sessions and home use.

You can attach your own springs and straps that you currently use on your Pilates equipment.


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